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The Mesmerizing Sound Heroes: Futuristic Bluetooth Speaker

Take a Trip with the Futuristic Humanoid Bluetooth Speaker Kalium Sound Heroes are the first of their kind ever made in history. The cutting-edge humanoid polygonal body is polished manually, highlighting its every detail. Sound [...]

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Kalium Sound Heroes Bluetooth Speaker with LEDs and Smoke Machine

We bring you details on the Kalium Sound Heroes Bluetooth Speaker in today’s article. Yep, the all new Kalium Sound Heroes, in other words the unique Bluetooth speaker statues pack LEDs [ambient lights], smoke machines and wireless [...]

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This superhero-shaped Bluetooth speaker does everything, leaves us baffled

I don’t know where to start with this one. Normally we laugh about Bluetooth speakers all looking identical - but, having laid eyes on Kalium’s Sound Heroes (from US$100), I’m craving the certainty and mediocre [...]

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Let’s talk about this robot god Bluetooth speaker on your coffee table

Hey buddy, how's it going? Everything cool? Work is good? Good to know. So yeah, anyway, I was wondering what's up with the three-foot-tall polygonal robot statue on your coffee table that's also a Bluetooth [...]

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Show-stopping humanoid wireless speaker is something straight out of the future

The world is fascinated with futuristic superheroes, and so are we. Be it Iron Man or the super galactic villains like Darth Vader. Their larger than life image captures our imagination, and from there on [...]

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