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Over $600,000 Raised Through CrowdFunding

AD’OM is a Bluetooth speaker that sets itself apart from the crowd, with an innovative design that will change the speaker industry forever!

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Unique Polygonal Design

Sound Heroes are made from ABS plastic to maintain low weight and are enhanced with premium matte and metallic paints, available in 5 colours.

AD’OM Bluetooth Speaker of the Future comes in

Premium – 28 inch
Prime – 17 inch
+ SubWoofer Bass


High Quality Sound

AD’OM Premium offers powerful and clear sound, combines high tech design with perfect sound technology with one powerful treble speaker custom built in the chest and a subwoofer in the doc for the perfect sound experience.

Wireless Charging

Charge your smartphone, and if you haven’t taken the leap to wireless charging yet, you will get a free adaptor from us as an upgrade.


Connect up to 12 devices to your AD’OM Prime, AD’OM Premium and Sub-Prime , plus enjoy up to 8 hours battery life

Amazing Features

Never before seen features that are seamlessly integrated into the world’s first one of a kind polygonal humanoid speaker of the future

Smoke Dispenser

Take it to the next level and impress all your friends with a water based refillable smoke dispenser thats easy to recharge and looks epic.

Ambient Multicolour Light

Create a pleasant atmosphere in your home or office with the Ambient Light feature which offers a variety of visual effects like pulsating light, breathing effect and many others.

High Quality Bass

Perfect for deep musical low-end audio dedicated to helping you get the absolute best tone and performance out of your music

Get Your Bluetooth Speaker Of The Future

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